Transparent. Secure.

All your investment details, now at your
fingertips with AVANA 24×7.

A Clear and Complete View of your Investments – All in One App

AVANA 24×7 offers you a complete 360º overview of your investments, making it easy to track and analyze your performance.

Built with transparency in mind, you can now view your portfolio anytime, anywhere.

Monitor your ARR & interest earned

View your ARR and interest earnings over time.

Keep track of your portfolio

View your portfolio by asset type and loan type.

Real time account details

See live balances for each of your positions any time.

Stay on top of your transactions

Get instant access to all of your account activity.

Download reports on the go

Receive reports in under a minute.

How it Works

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    To get started, download the
    app on your device and sign up
    with your investor ID or executive
    email ID using our one-time password.

  • 2/3

    Set Up Quick
    Access ID

    Enable Touch ID or Face ID for quick
    and secure access to your account.

  • 3/3

    Access Dashboard

    Get a 360º overview of your
    account details, active loans,
    interest earnings, and ARR details.

Enhance your
with our

  • Customize your view

    Tailor your custom dashboard with your top investment KPIs in just a few simple steps.

  • Share your investment KPIs

    Share key insights with your team
    or your social network in one click.

  • Grant access to your team

    As an investor, share your portfolio with your team

  • Switch profiles

    Easily switch between multiple investor profiles without having to log out and log back in.

Your Data is Safe and Secure with Us

  • Secure Online Access and Messaging
  • Cross-Channel Authentication
  • Tokenized Transactions

Download the App Now

Get real-time insights into your investments, download custom reports on-the-go, and more. Now available for iOS and Android.